Synapse is about information, communication and connection

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What is Synapse?

n.  The junction across which a nerve impulse passes from an axon terminal to a neuron, muscle cell, or gland cell. [Greek: sunapsis, point of contact, from sunaptein, to join together: sun-, syn- + haptein, to fasten.]  
As you know, a synapse is
  • a junction or connection point
  • a place where chemistry happens
  • a place where all actions start
Synapse is about information, communication and connection. Synapse offers support to you as health care provider by making the skills & experience of a group of experts available to you directly, arming you with relevant information when you need it. Your questions about practice management, HR, IT, law and, of course, a healthy dose of current and practical clinical information are addressed by the different departments and publications.
  • Share and discuss relevant clinical and business information with a network of colleagues
  • Fulfill your CPD requirement by signing up for our monthly e-publications filled with current content and completing the online questionnaires.
  • Set your practice apart: Online staff training modules for new staff and service focused training for experienced staff.